Story of a spiritual Shoe

A shoe house is the best playground of imagination. Story of Shoe’s life is an interesting story of hard work and full payment.


Legs are lowliest body part. Shoes keep us off the lands and roads. Shoe is made of exactly the same shape like the leg.

We are born and our parents post pics of our feet. No face pics as it is considered sacred. When we see a man first we notice the shoes. A man dies and he is barefoot. Let me tell the reality of the shoe. Shoe is the keeper of safety, our comfort keeper. Remember the comfort the new shoes gives.

you would have a variety of shoes and that too for variety of purposes. Let me say the shoe  is manufactured from a factory and it smells very bad in the factory. The whole area entire locality is very smelly. Any being can differentiate that there is shoes being made nearby.

Shoes are born in a far away land. Because it stinks , it goes away from the human settlements and hence it leads a life of austerity. Artificiality gives birth to the shoes and nature takes care of the rest. We call the shoe back and invite it in the marketplace. People give money to keep the shoe with them in the houses. Shoes have hard soles to protect themselves from environment. Shoes are tough. Girls are their favorite users, shoes come forward when ever any boy passes wrong comments. Shoes are worth the money and are sold at much cheer rates.

Time takes the shine and strength of the shoe. And it gets worn out just like the old man laying hanging over his grave. Also we see the shoes are recycled as like man. I love my shoes , Do you?


River Daya Tributary: Roads no one travel.

O Coulumbus , Oo Coulumbus Wishing to be like Vasco-Dagama! That is generation Y today , wishes for moon and fails then keeps the stars.

Heading for the promised land of River Daya meandering curve for fulfilling dream of speed bicycling on the smooth curvaceous swath of road landed bonkers. Finally settled for a new found tributary . These are the times when return journey becomes a drag. After scratching the dirt of River Daya and wishing to chug along meandering river proved tiring.Road ended at the mouth of a tributary. Times when new finding gives a scratching feeling of to do or not to do!

Visualize a railroad where the road is at high level than the plain. The roads which are carved out of the farming lands are forged at five meters above the farming lands.Existential crisis was nearby. Agony and pain gripped me and with a heart kept the wheels rolling. Nobody used this roads except growing weeds. One side of the high road is tributary gorge and other side of the road is vast farmlands, choose moving forward the creepy way or head back along the long Daya riverside road. Die and die situations right out of a proverbs book. At that time thought rationally about my home direction and yes also for blog materials collection here I dived into the wild.

Behold I have a feeling for mornings gonna be a good morning.

The farm lands had been harvested for rice and they stood empty now. First quitting feeling dawned when plants and herbs are stopping the bicycle by tangling in the bicycle. Nature called, do not go further its not normal. When man is in the wild he talks to himself a lot. Second quitting feeling came when encountered a predator. Pairs of eagles snooped on these empty lands for rabbits and rats. Parched on the dead trees and thorny trees. One attacked me from above and came dangerously close to my head. I am in my head calculating the easy way out of the bushes. I am busy and easy. No wander I am picture perfect prey for them. He knocks on my head from above. Just a light try of taking me off the ground with holding my hairs. I am stumped and cry came out these eagle screech and make things much worse. Quickly descended bicycle on to the empty fields where I stopped and bird-watched them for length and he too parches on a dead tree. A while gathering my limbs I boarded the high road again and he flies away. I could keep looking straight but am aware of sideways by I also could look at him flying by looking at his shadow.

next couple meters leveled road started and i was busy in mind deep thinking that I noticed the easy path only after 10 steps. Analyzing now it seems absent mindedness but really tormented by eagle or wilder beings anybody can conclude about my absent mindedness. Drank water when entered the civilization. Village people growing ladyfingers kept staring at me like they had seen ghost. I had to speak loudly for the courtesy of stopping their gaze. I found drinking water. Chugged along same road and found way back to the national highway. A moment of realization when you find a river tributary to be a sewer running besides my home. Everyday crossed that sewer to and fro the home. Realized that all this is connected and a little of visualization of the google map out of box proved extremely audacious.




River Daya bicycle tour

Near the banks of river Daya, a bump of land has the Ashok’s pillar and his lions adorning the Dhaulagiri hill. Along the river on both banks there are smooth roads. Happy Sunday peddler starts dragging his bicycle and flows along with the tune of river water. All the sizes of trees and different crops adorn the banks. Odisha state village and people culture is visible by the men and women drenched inside taking bath and other chores. Morning has begun for them.

Made a detour and found a national level archaeological site by roadside and taken aback by the find. I had a feeling a giant temple could be a new find today for horizons no temple in sight. Kept my wheels rolling and pursued the governments roadside signs.

Behold a temple only one story and that with no rooftop.



What is this temple about? Local pundit found me as a catch and asked charity, said i have not taken shower escaped. The temple is circular and with no rooftop. on the inside walls adorn black granite idols of 56 female goddesses, including female Ganesha. In the center rest eight idols are arranged. In ancient times Anuttra was worshiped under moonshine in these temples. Read all the information from the billboard in temple premises. This is a Tantra Temple.

Tantra Temple and related googled texts:




When we find ourselves in a situation where the confusion rules, move to logic is a natural way to clarity. In the most popular books and famous this is the third and second-last book in Technical fun-books list , chosen from and

Russel Paradox:

There in a village which had caste division, everyone had to be clean shaven. Then also no body could do his own word he was bound to do others work and his work was done by others. Now there is a barber , he could not self-shave. This barber is russel paradox of the village!

Paradox is illusion in logic, A mental torture for mathematicians for no mathematician speaks false. How could clarity not be there in the universe. So Logicomix is a logician story and mathematical philosophy.There are so many knots in mathematics rope, such knots are and never will be opened.There are zero and infinity monsters, the book discuses about their need and alternate mathematics paradigms.

For the Logicomix


Godel,Escher,Bach:an Eternal Golden Braid (Douglas R. Hofstadter)

A metaphorical fugue on minds and machines in the spirit of Lewis Carroll.

Continuing our en-devour of de-mystifying ‘The cognition’ , here is a long read from Pulitzer prize winner author explaining about the strange circularity of life.  The real is real real when I say, he proves the true presence of recursion and loops concept by music,arts,mathematics,Physics,Natural language grammar and Computer programming examples. Here most of us say ”That’s enough!’ , ‘Heights of it!’, ‘This is the limit!’ and go on with our real life. ‘I want to know less and be happy is my goal’ lies at logic of such behaviors, but the book facts are bewildering and at same place makes a higher out of box meaning.

Bach is a western music composer. Songs have themes and words with them. The form of communication from the composer to the listener is very fast when only the music is involved,listeners emotions are touched. The singer touches the logical mind of the listener with the voice modulations and tonal vibrations. Bach’s fugue is a contrapuntal composition in which a short melody or phrase (the subject) is introduced by one part and successively taken up by others and developed by interweaving the parts.This is recursion and self-refencing in songs.
He also have given some tunes which have his name hidden inside the themes.How brilliant!

Escher is a western visual artist.In some of his creations he uses mathematics in his drawings where recursion and self-referencing are self-evident.




422 Mosaic II Escher

Godel is a Czech Republic citizen. He has proved
1.If a (logical or axiomatic formal) system is consistent, it cannot be complete.
2.The consistency of axioms cannot be proved within their own system.
The axioms and conjectures of mathematics when proved in terms of mathematics means violating basic logic of proving. Logic says if any thing proves itself its not proved. So if we keep on making a larger and larger set, keep on proving and proving this keeps on being unproved in end.



The above pic is the graph of electron oscillations in a crystal placed inside the static magnetic field.

Natural Language Grammar
Author gives some sentences which are incomplete if taken alone. But does refer to itself when taken with other joined sentence. He tries to explain some of the looping language concepts.

“Is a sentence fragment” Is a sentence fragment.

“Yields falsehood when preceded by its quotation”
Yields falsehood when preceded by its quotation.

The author names such sentences which are having double meaning when repeated with themselves are named Quines. Such sentences are only having that second meaning when read overall along with its better half.

Sheelanand Uncle Ji 20180120_030231

Computer Programming
Looping equals the wheel, moves one cycle and another cycle and so on and on.It keeps repeating on and on and when it stops it just stops.
Recursion means wheeling inside or outside,we have to return back when we have to come back to our complete state. This is similar to going in a mesh and coming out from the mesh.

Douglas Hofstadter, the author gives these examples in the sense that these are the form of self-reference and recursion. Such self loops are present in vast numbers in our real life. In nature there is no chaos, there is a higher order of things.To be at the right place and right time is my suggestion by reading and studying this book.

Author says how cognition emerges from hidden neurological mechanisms and finally rests his case to cognition as the sole reason for such self-loops.The analogy of human mind thinking process to the ant-colony natural phenomenon is really nice. The book is heavy and You could not get the mathematics in one single read but there the meaning from other concepts are clear and it definitely is the worthy re-read.

Some people also claim that this book messes with their thinking , but the author cautions before he does so.I self regret for not explaining most efficiently but you go ahead you have the Best Non-Fiction book for you the Non-Technical Readership who like to read science fiction, watch science fiction. You have the future of AI.


Behind Deep Blue: Building the Computer That Defeated the World Chess Champion (by Feng-Hsiung Hsu)

This is a book review. The match of the century, The triumph of machine over humans, machine intelligence proved and many headlines appeared exactly twenty years ago. The writer being the architect of the chess playing machine built in the IBM labs details the computer aspect and the step by step details the final tournament played between computer and Gary Kasparov grand master himself in 1997. Author has written this book along lines of the Nobel laureate Richard Feynman’s ‘Surely you are joking Feynman’.

Being an Indian we all are excited once or a while when news of Viswanathan Anand comes in news. In 1996 Chess king Gary Kasparov a Russian who was the tile holder of grand master during 1997 defeated IBM Deep Blue,only to lose against the same machine in next version.I am repeating the exact science behind chess playing computers.

Chess Board with link for deep searchers


There is four aspects of the whole Human Machine chess process.
Chip design, the first phase of design is very sophisticated, this involves the calculation of maximum moves a piece could move on board. In modern computers you know that computer is 32-bit and 64-bit ,the bit system is size of the single unit memory block, another analogy in monitory terms the lowest possible physical currency. De-facto a piece could have a maximum 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 moves at a time in 64 square by ‘2^64 – 1’, starting from square 1 and moving to square 2 with 63 options hence minus one. Engineer knows what is the strength of the processor calculation hence the maximum ability of the system is predicted and bit system is chosen. This Deep Blue was 32-bit and yes it was a supercomputer with 230 rank in 1997. Chip design is built on a mesh board with each wire by hand, this sample is then sent to manufacturer to hard wire this into mica, plastics, copper and after several faulty non faulty tests,ok chip is chosen.

Computer Algorithm, second phase is teaching and training computer to play chess with first limiting the moves to basic rules. This is writing a computer code in known high level language. This high level language is converted to machine level language and which is followed by the diodes transistors and the wiring of the chip.Computer every time starts with whole assessment from the beginning whenever a new move is played even of its in the middle of game.

Visual interface, is the third phase. In modern computers the chess played with a computer is similar to the game played in Grand master level. With only difference there is a man representative of the computer sitting and he slides the pieces instead of the computer which is playing against the human.

Non human chess games rules, This is additional time given to human player while playing with computer.

He often uses the line such as in so and so game the computer played a surprising move, unknown to us may be due to a bug but this was the best move.
So writer fails to accurately underpin what is Artificial intelligence which as a reader we will look hereafter reading the whole 300 page novella. This Book explains the historic and groundbreaking achievement not as a match played between a machine and man rather between, man as a chess player and man as a toolmaker. Artificial Intelligence is thought as only beating or equaling humans. Reality it is in my opinion some software glitches and moreover called bugs are source of dark matter of AI and dark energy of AI within code universe which could be identified understood and analysed.

Oh yes after the loss the proud invincible thinking grand master never played such tournaments.These machines now are also ranked just like humans.
Next read the Google AI which beat World’s best GO player in 2017, most difficult indoor game.
Google’s AlphaGo AI wins three-match series against the world’s best Go player


The Story of Philosophy ( Will Durant )


This is a book review. Book is about western philosophers who shaped culture and mindset of west. The first book a philosophy student round the globe wants to read and step one towards philosophy. Here one liners from respective writers give a glimpse of the whole book.

Aristotle —> Men come and go, but man goes on forever.
No man is a hero to his debtors.
Nothing is so attractive as the different.
Silence is a woman’s glory.
To live alone one must be either an animal or an god.
For men of eminent ability there is no law – they are themselves a law.
Aristotle thinks that thoughts begins with premises and seeks their conclusions, when actually thought begins with hypothetical conclusions and seeks their justifying premises, and seeks them best by the observation of a particular event and under the controlled and isolated conditions of experiment. We are mere fragment of what a man might be.

Francis Bacon —> Seek not to have things happen as you choose them , but rather choose that they should happen as they do;and you shall live properly. Use not thta you may not wish, wish not that you may not fear.
One accustomed to the purest and most digestible foods is easily upset when forgetfulness or necessity diverts him to perfection.
Do not betray even to your friends too much of your real purpose and thoughts; in conversation, ask questions oftener than you express opinions; and when you speak, offer data and information rather than beliefs and judgement.

Spinoza —> To be ourselves we we must complete ourselves. The great obstacle to intelligent behaviors is the superior vividness of present sensations as present sensations as compared with those projected memories which we call imagination. In so far as the mind conceives a thing according to the dictates of reason, it will be equally affected whether the idea be of anything present, past, or future.
We are free only when we know.
I cease to live and begin to be.

Voltaire —> All people are good except those who are idle. If you do not want to commit suicide always have something to do.
History proves that anything can be proved by history.
Twenty years are required to bring man from the state of a plant, in which he exists in the the womb of his mother, and from the state of an animal, which is his condition in the infancy, to the state in which the maturity of the reason begins to make itself self. Thirty centuries are necessary in which to discover even a little of his structure. An eternity would be required to know anything of his soul. But one monument suffices in which to kill him.

Emanuel Kant —> Since learned men have appeared, honest men were nowhere to be seen.
Instinct and feeling are more trustworthy than reason.

Schopenhauer —> Only the young can live in the future, and only the old can live in the past, men were of them forced to live in the present.
Principle of sufficient reason is the law of cause and effect 1> Logical, as the determination of conclusion by premises; 2> Physical, as the determination of effect by cause; 3> Mathematical, as the determination of structure by the law of mathematics and mechanics; and 4> Moral, as the determination of conduct by character.

Herbert Spencer —>
Fredric Nietzsche —>
More Contemporary Philosophers.